The Machon Shilo Triennial Cycle

By joining the Machon Shilo triennial cycle, you can learn alongside a global community according to the original practice implemented by Ezra haSofer

This week's Sidrah:​

ויקרא סדרה טז
ויקרא יט:כג – כ:כז
הפטרה: ישעיהו סה:יג-כה
שבת כ''ז שבט


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Vayikra Sidra 16
Vayikra 19:23 – 20:27
Haftara: Yeshayahu 65:13-25

Shabbat 29th Jan למניינם
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To learn the triennial cycle in haburot or hevrutot , get in touch with your local organiser.

Triennial Cycle Shiurim