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The Machon Shilo Triennial Cycle

By joining the Machon Shilo triennial cycle, you can learn alongside a global community according to the original practice implemented by Ezra haSofer


Triennial Cycle FAQs (link)

Full luach for Devarim תשפ''ג (link)

Suggested aliyot for Devarim (link)

Suggested aliyot for special readings (link)

"Parsha b’Halakha" learning schedule following the Triennial Cycle (link)

Luach archives:
Shemot תשפ''א (
Vayikra תשפ''ב (

Bemidbar תשפ''ב (link)

This week's Sidra:​

דברים סדרה ט
דברים י:א – יא:ט
הפטרה: מלכים א ח:א-יא

ש''ק ג' ניסן

קריאת התורה לראש חודש (יום חמישי): במדבר כח:א-טו

Devarim Sidra 9
Devarim 10:1 – 11:9
Haftara: Melakhim Alef 8:1-11
Shabbat 25th March 2023 למניינם

Reading for Rosh Hodesh (Thursday): Bemidbar 28:1-15

(If this information is out of date, press Ctrl+f5 on your keyboard.)

To learn the triennial cycle in haburot or hevrutot , get in touch with your local organiser.

Triennial Cycle Shiurim

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