Source sheets

Hagim and Moadim

The Purim Paradigm – The Vision and Daring to Innovate (click)

What is Parshat Shekalim (click)

Is Korban Pesah feasible? (click)

The roadmap from kitniyot to korban pesah (click)

Kitniyot: the origins of the minhag (click)

Instituting new Torah readings for festivals not listed in the mishnah (click)

Saying halel on 5th Iyar and Yom Yerushalayim (click)

The Four Fasts: Halacha or Minhag? (click)

Rosh haShanah: 1 day or 2? (click)

Hanukah: Why do we celebrate? (click)

When to light ner hanukah (click)

Tefilah and Brachot

סמיכת גאולה לתפלה (click)

The bracha of מחיה המתים in the morning (click)


Saying a bracha in the mikveh while unclothed (click)

When to bless on immersion in a mikveh (click)

Defining sunset (click)

Full teshuva of Maharam Alshaker on Bein haShmashot (click)

Permitted marital relations (click)

What to do between eating meat and dairy (click)

Peirushei Mikra

Did the nevi'im oppose korbanot? (click)

King, Amalek, Mikdash - three connected mitzvot (click)

Why did Moshe Rabbeinu kill the Egyptian? (click)

The sons  of Eli haCohen: why people go bad (click)

Who wrote sefer Malachi? (click)


Land for Peace and yishuv eretz yisrael (click)

Why were the 2 temples destroyed? (click)