Transitioning Between Shabbat and Tisha b'Av

Updated: Aug 7


Could the Rav please describe the correct procedure for the transition from Shabbat to Tisha b'Av? For example, when does one take one's shoes off? Must one say arvith before doing so, and before performing melacha? May one say only "baruch hamavdil" in these circumstances?


1. The general principle is that there is no Aveluth on Shabath. Therefore S'udha Shlishith is eaten as usual: one should not limit what one eats and one may sing Shire Qodhesh.

2. In Y'rushalayim this year 72, 5779, sunset on 9 Av will occur at approximately 7:28 pm. In Tel Aviv, approximately 7:30 pm. Three average stars will appear approximately 30 minutes later. At that point one changes into weekday clothing, the simpler the better, and puts on slippers/shoes appropriate for 9 Av. Most schuls postpone 'Arvith in order to allow people to change etc.

3. One may shower as usual (hot water is permissible if from a dudh shemesh) during Shabath.

4. One must desist and refrain from all things forbidden on 9 Av before sunset.

5. One says Havdala in 'Arvith. Women too are strongly encouraged to do so too. If not, saying Barukh HaMavdil ben Qodhesh l'Hol will suffice. (According to the Mishna - B'rakhoth 3:3 - women are required to recite T'phila (the 18) every day just as men do. It is particularly correct to act thus on this day due to the fact that Havdala is not recited until after the fast.)

6. On Mossa'e Shabath, after 'Arvith, Bor'e M'or'e Ha'Esh is recited over a candle. If a candle is unavailable, it may be said over an incandescent light bulb or a gas flame. It is recommended that all members of the household do this together.

7. Havdala is recited - HaGaphen and HaMavdil - after the fast. One must recite or hear Havdala over wine before eating after the fast.


What leniencies apply to the fast this year by virtue of its being נדחה?


No particular leniencies. A person making a B'rith on 10 Av this year should consult a Mor'e Hora'a.


What time does the fast finish?


The fast ends 30 minutes after sunset.

Question: Until when can one learn non-Tisha b'Av Torah on Shabbat?


Until sunset.

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