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Stockings for Women


Earlier you poskened that women don't have to wear stockings. Why did you posken this may I ask? Why wouldn't the "hova" to wear them be an issue of makom sh'nahagu?


Stockings or socks for women is apparently considered proper in certain communities, but I am not convinced that one can bestow the concept of minhag hamakom on such a practice. It is more accurate to describe it as a humra - a humra which I have never understood: stockings are designed to enhance the woman's looks and attractiveness, as any fashion designer will confirm. A part of a woman's leg that must be covered is to be covered by a skirt or dress (down to the bottom of the calf). A stocking or sock is no substitute, just as no-one would suggest that a woman could walk around dressed only in a body stocking.

28 Tishrei 5775 Tuesday, 21 October 2014

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