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Sheviit, 2:1-2

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Part 1

Halacha 1

To whom does our stam mishna belong? Is it possible that R Meir holds like beit Shammai?

Do beit Hillel and beit Shammai necessarily disagree?

Part 2

What's the difference between s'de hailan and s'de halavan?

Halacha 2

What is s'de haba'al? What is beit hashlachin?

What do the 4 species (for sukkot) have in common?

Are 'earlier' halachot more 'strict'?

What is the general way of R Shimon, R Meir, and R Yehuda? How does the bavli/yerushalmi tend to give psak in their disagreements?

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