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Shaving, and Shaving during Chol HaMoed


I don't understand why we are told (by some at least) that we can’t shave during Hol Hamoed. Would you also say the same? Does the reason originally given – so that people would prepare for the Hag beforehand – apply now since many people shave almost everyday, and not like a long time ago when people shaved once in a while?



  1. I believe that shaving all parts of one's beard is asur with any type of razor, hand-held or electric. This was the opinion of the Haphess Hayim and the Hazon Ish z’l among others. Many pos’qim hold this view today, including Rav Elyashiv, Rav Wosner and Rav Ovadhya Yoseph sh’litta. I therefore herein relate to trimming or shaving those parts of one's beard that it is mutar to shave (such as one's cheek or neck).

  2. If one normally shaves every day or every second day, it is not only mutar but a misswa to do so during Hol HaMo'edh.

Hagh Sameah

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim

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