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Measurements for the Passover Seder

1. Massa

One is required to eat one k’zayith (the volume of an average olive) of massa for both Akhilath Massa and for the Afiqoman at the end of the Seder.

The volume of a k’zayith is 3 cc.

If one wishes to be mahmir (stringent), 5 cc.

This is approximately equal to one moderate mouthful. This amount is equal to one ninth of a standard machine massa. (Divide the massa into 3 equal strips; then divide the strip into 3 equal pieces.)

2. Wine or Grape Juice

One is required to drink at least most of one revi’ith of wine or grape juice for each of the Four Cups.

Grape juice may be used for the Four Cups, but wine is preferable.

The wine may be mixed with some grape juice, or a little (up to a third) water.

A revi’ith is equal to approximately 75 ml (=75 cc.).

If one wishes to be mahmir (stringent), 80 ml.

A standard disposable plastic cup is approximately 200 ml.

A standard small disposable paper coffee cup holds more, approximately 220 ml.

A revi’ith is therefore equal to considerably less than a standard disposable plastic cup.

Note: The same requirement applies to the cup of wine or grape juice used for Qiddush all year round.

HaRav David Bar-Hayim

‘Erev Pesah – 5780 תש"ף

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