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Machon Shilo Hanukkah Campaign For The Needy

The Covid period and turmoil has left many, many Jews suffering financially, and HaRav David Bar-Hayim continues to distribute funds to families in need.

Many people are still unemployed or find their income greatly reduced. Many families are facing extremely challenging times.

One very needy family which is in touch with the rabbi has descended into intense economic distress after the father was laid off, as a result suffers from psychological problems and depression, and the mother supports the family by working a poorly paid job.

This family's situation is quite dire and the rabbi is determined to help them, and others in similar circumstances.

Please help the rabbi help them and others!

We must come to the assistance of our brothers and sisters in need.

Please give as you have not given before.

Contributions can be made via PayPal button at the following link:

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