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Is the Shema a Mitzvah De'orayta?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Is keriyat shema min ha torah?

Part 1

Rashi's explanation of the Babylonian debate is inconsistent.

Part 2

The two Talmuds answer differently.

Part 3

The Rif says you can't pray an extra Musaph prayer. Do you need to stand or lie down when you say the Shema, depending on the time of day?

Part 4

The Gra says that the Talmud twists the mishnah to conform to a particular rabbi's school of thought. But it's not done arbitrarily. Why rabbis disagree on the identification of the 613 commandments.

Part 5

A review with questions and answers. The original practice, according to the Jerusalem Talmud, was to say the evening Shema at your bedside, not before the amidah.

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