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How did the student of Rebbi Akiva die?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Part 1:

If it strikes you as unreasonable that 24,000 Tora scholars should have died in a plague because they did not treat each respectfully, then this shiur is for you. What's more, you are in good company: Rav Sharira Gaon, based on the authentic Talmudic text before him 1100 years ago, presents the matter very differently. Why some have the minhag not to do work after sunset during Sefirath HaOmer. Are the days of S'phirath Ha'Omer supposed to be a period of mourning lasting many weeks?

Part 2: Why Jews Chose to Ignore the Great Revolt

The difference in where Jews live often shapes how they think. Jews outside the Land of Israel preferred to believe that a character flaw, not Jewish nationalism, was the central event during S'phirath Ha'Omer. Should you not listen to music or make major purchases during this time?

Part 3:

Continuation of this subject matter with a close examination of the original texts (recorded in Nisan 5773)

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