Baruch HASHEM, Machon Shilo has been organizing and planning communal activities for the greater Machon Shilo community. As part of our preparations which include organizing an upcoming Shabbaton we are raising funds both to help the upcoming activities and also to subsidize participation for some community members whose budgets preclude their being able to participate.

These community activities are vital to enable Torat Eretz Yisrael to be practiced not only by us as individuals but also as part of a growing community and as guided by the Beth HaWa'ad.

Please contribute so that Machon Shilo can thrive as a community!

Please make a donation by making a payment through the donate button which appears on the top of the home page of WWW.MACHONSHILO.ORG. After having made payment one must make sure to notify us that the payment is intended for Machon Shilo communal purposes by sending an e-mail to

Thank you!

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