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Oats and Eating Bread on Shabbat


Hi Rabbi,

I'm writing now regarding the mitzvah of having seudot on Shabbat and Yom Tov after listening to your explanation of why oats is not one of the seven species. I'm working with a nutritionist to help address a common hormone imbalance in women called polycystic ovaries (pcos) that affects the woman's cycle, fertility, and other hormonal related issues. She is guiding me in adapting to a strict diet which excludes gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar... It's all or nothing - she is claiming that even a little bit of gluten, such as a bit more than a ziet at a Shabbat meal, is enough to set off a reaction in the body that we are trying to avoid. She has suggested these oat rolls instead - Oat sprouted rolls ( Hamotzi ) - Natures live foods - however from your explanation, I don't think these rolls would be hamotzei. I'm wondering if there is leniency in being ptor from hamotzei if I'm at a seuda where someone else is saying the bracha and eating the bread. If I can be ptor, what is still obligated of me - do I still say amen when hearing birkat hamazon?



Shalom Rav to you,

In a case such as yours where for certain health-related considerations one must avoid all gluten products, you are not required to eat even a k'zayith (3 cc) of bread at a Shabath meal.

If 3 cc may be consumed without ill effect, you should do so.

You may respond amen to Birkath haMossi and to Birkath haMazon, even though you do not intend to eat from the bread.

IMHO, the correct b'rakhoth on the oat rolls in question are BP ha'Adhama and Bor'e N'phashoth.

I hope this answers all your questions.

R'phu'a Sh'lema and Kol Tuv


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