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Chabad - Jewish Messianism?

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Part One:

Though the term "messiah" is not mentioned in the Torah, the Rambam describes the attributes of the messiah, and the Rebbe doesn't qualify. Parallels between theology of some Chabad adherents and Christianity.

Part Two:

Why Jews are drawn to supernatural salvation - even though HASHEM has saved us repeatedly through natural means. Is a miracle worker the messiah? Examples from the Torah.

Part Three:

How to relate to someone with strange ideas or who claims he is HASHEM. A sin greater than eating pork. The halachic rationale behind destroying some yeshivoth to save others. Habad uproots the Torah with respect to the mishnah of sleeping in the sukkah.

Part Four:

Regarding a Jew who believes that a man is HASHEM, or who prays to a man instead of HASHEM, can you drink wine he has touched? Must you burn tefillin, mezzuzoth, or even a Torah he has written? Plus: A Habad house may possibly be a place of idol worship.

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