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Baruch HASHEM we have seen great interest in the upcoming Machon Shilo community Shabbaton, and as a result we need to raise funds to allay various accompanying costs.

The Shabbaton is an example of the type of community activity which is vital to enable Torat Eretz Yisrael to be practiced not only by us as individuals but also as part of a growing community and as guided by the Beth HaWa'ad.

Please contribute so that Machon Shilo can thrive as a community!

If you are in Israel, please donate via the following link:

If you are in Exile please make a donation by making a payment through the donate button which appears on the top of the home page of WWW.MACHONSHILO.ORG.

After having made payment one must make sure to notify us that the payment is intended for Machon Shilo communal purposes by sending an e-mail to

Thank you!

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